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Badaga Weddings

Badaga customs and traditions are known for their simplicity, adaptability and practicality. In this respect a Badaga wedding follows a set of simple rules that has been almost the same over the centuries. But for a minor change here and there, it has been almost the same in all the villages spread across the Nakku Betta or the Nilgiri Hills.
The greatest plus points of a Badaga marriage are that there is NO DOWRY, the wedding always takes place in the boy’s (bride groom’s) house [or the place of his choice in case of a Kalyana Mandapam /Hotel] and all the wedding expenses including the customary feast [Maduve Hittu] of only vegetarian dishes, are borne by the groom’s family.
Incidentally, divorce and remarriges are not uncommon and a widow is not condemned for ever like in most of the Hindu communities and in many cases the widow can marry again even if she has children from her earlier marriage.